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Premium Bungee Cord Set

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Secure Your Items With This Convenient Bungee Cord Set

The Busy Life Premium Bungee Cord Set features just about every cord you’ll ever need. And they all fit conveniently into a see-through, water resistant pouch.

  • Flat Strap Design: Prevents rolling and sliding around on cargo. This evenly distributes the weight and provides a more secure hold
  • Strength: 3x’s stronger than a regular bungee cord. 19 mm wide rubber cords make up for an excellent stretchability that doesn’t diminish with use. They also retain their original length
  • Multiple Lengths: your purchase includes (2) 15 inch bungee cords, (2) 20 inch bungee cords, (2) 30 inch bungee cords, (1) 35 inch bungee cord, and (2) 8 inch bungee balls
  • Convenient Design: The steel core hooks are plastic-coated to prevent scratching over your vehicle’s surface. All cords have a UV resistant outer layer
  • Free Bonus: A PVC - tarpaulin pouch keeps all your cords in one place. Water resistant, zippered, and see-through

Grab every bungee cord you’ll ever need in one convenient package.

Premium Bungee Cord Set

Are All Bungee Cord Options Falling Short?

Same as you, we couldn’t find a set of bungee cords that featured all the specifics we liked.

Some came in convenient packages with multiple lengths, but were rounded instead of flat. This made them roll around when strapped to cargo, which compromises your items.

Not all of them were plastic-coated, so scratches were a constant dread.

Not only that, but to get all the lengths we required, we had to shop around for multiple items. And not all of them seemed as durable and trustworthy as you would hope.

Then, when the time came of storing all our bungee cords, there wasn’t a convenient solution. Some came with a jar that wouldn’t even fit the original cords once they had stretched out.

One Package, Countless Uses

So as the old adage says, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Or see if Busy Life Products has done it for you!

We gave the Busy Life Products spin on bungee cords and came up with this premium set.

It features just about any cord you’ll need, bungee balls to secure tarps and a water resistant pouch that zips shut to hold all your cords in one place.

We focused on making very high-quality and thoughtfully designed bungee cords that people could use in whatever ways they needed. That’s why we always love to hear about the things people use these for:

They will secure any type of cargo within your trunk or back seat.

They can be used to secure tarps or hold down covers for outdoor items like furniture, gardening items, jacuzzi, a ping pong table…

Anything you store in a camper can be tightly secured with these bungee cords. They can also be of assistance when holding up tents.

They can secure all sorts of items and a tarp to cover all of them when hauling too much.

Backed By Our Lifetime Guarantee

We got tired of our bungee cords not working like we thought they should to keep items secure.

So we decided to make a high quality product that lasts... for the same price.

That's why our Premium Bungee Cord Set is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

So if they break for any reason, we’ll replace them for free (no need to waste time sending yours back).

Here’s What Some Of Our Customers Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the bungee ball cords (canopy ties)?
Their main purpose is to secure tarps since you can insert the cord through the tarp's eye hole and then loop it over the ball. Other uses include securing bikes to a bike rack, binding narrow objects together and securing a camera or phone to a selfie stick.

Are the cords durable with constant use in the sun?
Yes, the Busy Life Bungee cords are made with a UV-resistant outer layer.

What is the width of the flat strap cord?
19 MM

Does the Busy Life Bungee Cord set come with a carrying case?
Yes! As a FREE bonus, the Busy Life Products Premium Bungee Cord Set comes with a strong, water resistant, see-through PVC-Tarpaulin pouch. This makes it easy to travel with your full assortment of bungee cords.

Will the hooks on the Busy Life Bungee Cords ever scratch my vehicle's paint?
No! The Busy Life Bungee cords have steel core hooks, which are plastic coated in order to prevent scratches.

How many bungee cords and of what sizes does this set include?
Each set includes (2) 15 inch bungee cords, (2) 20 inch bungee cords, (2) 30 inch bungee cords, (1) 35 inch bungee cord, and (2) 8 inch bungee balls.

Get the last bungee cord set you’ll ever need. Just click any add to cart button, and follow the simple check out process…


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