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Insulated Grocery Bag

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Keep Your Food And Drinks Hot Or Cold, The Busy Life Way!

The Busy Life Insulated Grocery Bag lets you carry a wide variety of items, without losing heat or cold. It’s a thoughtfully designed handbag that you can carry vertically or horizontally and also stores very easily. 

  • Thermal: Heavy insulated 3-layer walls keep items hot or cold for hours
  • Convertible Handles: Shoulder straps slide out so you can carry it horizontally or over your shoulder
  • Quality: Exterior made out of heavy-duty 600-denier material, double stitching, high-quality zipper to seal the bag, flat bottom for stability.
  • Leak Proof: Interior radiant liner reflects heat and prevents liquids from leaking out
  • Low-Maintenance: Easy to clean, odor and stain resistant, folds flat for easy storage
  • Size: 23 x 9 x 2 inches, holds up to 10 gallons or 35 lbs
  • Lifetime Guarantee: If it breaks, we’ll replace it (no need to even send it back)

    Your perfect ally for grocery shopping, camping, beach trips and pizza runs.

    Insulated Grocery Bag


    We Just Couldn’t Find One That We Liked

    Of course, the insulated grocery bag is not something new. But we just couldn’t find one that had it all.

    One looked nice, but didn’t have a zipper. Another one did, but didn’t insulate properly. And none of them had convertible handles...

    So we designed our own! We applied some truly thoughtful design to our Insulated Grocery Bag.

    It has the same values and standards we applied to the products that got us started (see our Car Trunk Organizer). Now we can’t imagine life without it.

    A Few Things That Never Happened Again

    The Cold Stuff
    We said goodbye to melted ice-cream from grocery trips. Buying cold drinks, frozen food or steaks and worrying about them getting warm is never a problem now.

    The Warm Stuff
    Just slide in carry-out pizza and it’s always warm when we get home. Plus the cheese never sticks to the lid thanks to the horizontal position of the convertible handles.

    Travel & Picnics
    Carrying meals and want to keep them warm or cold? The durability and stability of the Insulated Grocery Back keeps food and drinks at the right temperature, ready for your meal on the go.

    Backed By Our Lifetime Guarantee

    Maybe we took the difficult path and went through the trouble of designing our own thermal tote bag.

    But you know what? It was worth it for the durability and having all the necessary features.

    And now we're sharing it with you including a Lifetime Guarantee for the Insulated Grocery Bag.

    If it breaks for any reason, we'll replace it for free (no need to waste time sending it back).

    Here’s What Some Of Our Customers Say

    Insulated Grocery Bag - review 1

    Insulated Grocery Bag - review 2

    Insulated Grocery Bag - review 3

    Get Yours Now!

    If this is your first order, Join the Busy Lifers Club and we’ll give you 10% off.

    Enjoy the benefits of the most thoughtfully designed insulated grocery bag on the market!


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