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Hi, we’re Paul and Laura, founders and owners of Busy Life. Thanks for stopping by. Our story began with a search for a smarter way to transport our groceries. We always dreaded the sound of sacks toppling over and jars rolling around the cargo area every time we made a turn in our SUV, and we worried about the mess we might find when we opened the door.

It wasn’t just the cargo area, either. Our vehicle, like most others, just wasn’t built with spaces to hold our everyday items -- purse, laptop, phone, kids’ sports equipment, pet supplies, and more. Yet we knew that having exactly what we needed, when we needed it, would save us time and frustration. So, we decided to design our own car and home organizers.

We started Busy Life in 2014 to help other busy people take control and feel less stressed. We share organizational tools, tips, and training that help you simplify your life (and regain your sanity!) We focus on your car, garage, and entryway/mudroom.

When these “hot spot” areas are orderly, then you always leave your home prepared for whatever happens.

It’s also important to us to offer Eco-friendly products. Our reusable grocery bags mean fewer plastic bags in rivers, lakes, and landfills. We know this won’t solve the pollution problem on its own, but we believe small changes can make a real impact. Besides the environmental concerns, it makes us proud that our organizers and grocery bags are durable and thoughtfully-designed to make a real difference in the lives of other families.

Our products help you organize and simplify your life. We use them, we love them, and we know you’ll love them, too.

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"A Real Auto Trunk Organizer!"

"Have a new car but I like to have windshield washer fluid, a funnel for same, a roll of paper towels, a window scraper in the winter, a car vacuum, a bottle of Rainx and several other small items in the car trunk for stops at gas stations on the highway, etc.
This came and I was able to get rid of my cardboard file box and use this with multiple dividers and it is very sturdy, looks a lot better and works much better for my needs. Could not be happier with my purchase."

- A Satisfied Customer

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"Outstanding Insulated Bag"

"This is a well-made insulated bag. I use it to keep the cold groceries cool until I get home and refrigerate. It would also be a nice cooler for travel or picnics. The handles make it easy to tote and it is a generous size."

- Michael J.

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"Bought these as Christmas presents for my 2 best friends. They both were thrilled. Great quality. Would recommend them to anyone. Received them earlier than expected. Very pleased."

- A Happy Customer

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"Terrific Value, Useful, Convenient!"

"Great Value, Great Price! I leave it in my passenger seat with just one compartment open and put my purse, prescriptions, small items I pick up on errands in it to keep everything in one place. I'm really enjoying it. Heavy duty and I know I will also use it for beachy things!"

- SassySunshine

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