7 Health Benefits Of Being Organized

Do organized people strike you as if they’re always doing well? I mean, we all have our good and bad days; but there’s something about organized people that just seems more together.

Like they are usually relaxed, well rested, in good shape and in positive moods.

Well, this doesn't happen because they are just built that way. We tend to think that they are always in a great mood and their knack for organization is a result of that.

But science has proved that it’s the other way around. It is taking steps towards being organized that actually results in all those positive traits.

As with most things that seem to be naturally right, being organized has several direct benefits for your overall health.

Let’s take a look at each of them:


  • 1. Being Organized Reduces Stress

  • According to healthreviser.com, a website focused on health assessment tools, the lack of organization dramatically raises stress levels on multiple fronts.

    Unorganized people tend to inhabit chaotic environments and schedules. This all results in a constant feeling of uncertainty about the short term future, fear of not being able to meet their goals and even cluttered or messy homes and offices.

    Of course, the combination of those factors is just a recipe for stress. A study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that “women who described their homes as ‘cluttered’ or ‘full of unfinished projects’ had higher levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol than women who felt their homes were ‘restful’.”

    It’s something you might have intuited already. Cluttered spaces tend to make you feel uneasy, easily distracted... and this automatically makes your stress levels go up. Now you know that this is actually backed by science.

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  • 2. You Get A Natural Boost Of Energy

  • So you might be thinking, “great, it’s just a matter of organizing my environment and schedule and my stress levels will go down.”

    I’m happy to tell you that not only would that thinking be absolutely correct, but low stress wouldn’t be the only benefit.

    According to WebMD, organizing your environment can actually boost your energy levels as well. Just 10 minutes thrown into sorting out your work area, car or a part of your home can do enough to get you started on a productive working spree.

    The benefit of this is of course not only in productivity but in the fact that it’s a natural way to get energy. Thus, starting a working session this way will stop you from recurring to excessive caffeine or energy drinks, which in turn is good for your body.


  • 3. It Helps You Lose Weight

  • And speaking of things that help your body... a study by the Association for Psychological Science found that people who worked in a well-organized space were two times as likely to prefer an apple over a candy bar than those who worked in cluttered spaces.

    The reason behind that is what psychologists call “coping mechanisms”. Choosing comfort foods or even overeating is just the normal behavior of a stressed mind. So neater surroundings result in healthier dining.

    Likewise, when you have a clean and organized kitchen as well as a well-thought out schedule that lets you do grocery shopping and prepare your own meals, you are likely to eat more wholesome.

    Statistics have shown that people consume 50% more calories, fat and sodium when they eat out than when they cook at home.

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  • 4. You’ll Improve Your Sleep

  • Of course, less stress and more energy during working hours are bound to improve anyone’s sleeping behavior. But being organized aids your time with Hypnos in various other ways.

    As you may have read on our previous blog post “7 Organization Tips To Save Time, Take Control And Feel Less Stressed”, organizing up to your bedtime is a fantastic way to get better rest.

    This means making your bed every morning, ensuring that your sheets are fresh and clean and also avoiding last minute tasks (like paying bills or answering emails) before going to bed.

    This is all according to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, which also found that doing more passive things before bedtime, like reading or meditating, is bound to make you feel better in the morning.


  • 5. It’s A Way To Combat Depression

  • The beauty about the benefits of being organized is that they all start to add up, resulting in even more benefits for the complex system that is your body.

    Pretty much all of the benefits we’ve listed so far are major factors in the development of depression; high-stress levels, poor eating habits, work inefficiency, deprived sleep.

    So know that by staying organized you are also aiding the prevention of this disease, even for those around you. If you are dealing with depression though, remember that it’s always best to consult a professional.

  • 6. Lowers Your Risk Of Heart Failure

  • If you need even more motivation, Reader's Digest compiled a list of 8 annoying chores that have unexpected health benefits.

    Most of those chores are things that you would automatically consider whenever the thought of organizing your home enters your mind. But the thing that stands out the most is the benefit that they can have on your cardiovascular system.

    The article reports on a Swedish study of 3,800 older adults whose findings show that people who did the most yard work, housecleaning and engaged in DIY projects were 30 percent less likely of having a first-time cardiac event like a heart attack or stroke.

    For menial chores that you can do on a Sunday afternoon, that’s certainly a huge upside.


  • 7. Lets You Enjoy More ‘Me’ Time

  • I’d like to end this list with a little jewel of writing I found on Psychology Today. In it, Ph. D. Dana Gionta writes a personal account of the benefits she experienced after tackling the task of planning her own schedule.

    Among other things, Dana reports feeling more in control of her daily life and thus experiencing more job satisfaction and less stress. She also pointed out she had more mental energy since she spent less time worrying about the prospect of forgetting a task or event since everything had been planned out in advance.

    More importantly, she was able to see exactly how her week was balanced... and that lead to changes in the work/life distribution of her time. She reports having more time for herself and to “experience the other wonders of your life that give it meaning and joy.”

    Whether it’s spending quality time with your friends and family, pursuing a hobby, taking a walk in the park or enjoying your favorite books and films, those things can also have substantial impacts on you feeling relaxed, inspired and essentially more balanced.

    So as long as it’s not in the form of procrastination, be sure to make time for those things as well!

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