How To Organize Your Car With 4 Key Tools

It’s no secret that we use our own products. That's how we know they work so well!

Today we’d like to take you behind the scenes and into our car. We’ll take a look at the ways we use some of our Busy Life inventions to keep our cars organized and our days as stress-free as possible.

You’ll also get an inside glimpse of the ideas and thought processes behind the design of each product. These, as you’ll see, were thought of as both products that cover a specific need but that can also be complementary to each other.

Don’t be surprised if you hear about a “Car Organization Bundle” any day now. After all, if you’ve already organized, say, your trunk, why wouldn’t you want the rest of the car to be tidy and clutter-free as well?

So we provide all we can for that. Let’s take a look at how we use each product and how they can work together.

1. Car Seat Organizer

This thing is basically my co-pilot when driving alone. Both Laura and I keep one facing front on the passenger’s seat, then turn it to the side whenever there’s an actual co-pilot (or rambling family member) sitting there. Like this:

Read more about the Car Seat Organizer and get yours here.

As you can see, it’s great to keep everything you need while driving handy. Cell Phone, keys, snacks, wallet, sunglasses. Most people drive around with these things rattling in their coasters, or on the seat to the side. They then have to pick them up whenever they fall under the seat after a sudden stop.

Not only is that dangerous, but it’s also a nuisance. Same with having to gather all your stuff before getting out of the car, or trying to hide everything if you’re going to leave it there.

If everything’s neatly packaged in the car seat organizer, I can swiftly grab what I need and then just put the organizer under the seat to avoid temptations. Sometimes I just take it with me if I’m going to the office or back to the house after a long day.

Never Look Under The Seat Again

Stop losing items in and on the way to your car. Just place everything inside the Car Organizer

Order yours now!
Just $16.95 + FREE Shipping.

 2. Trunk Organizer

This is where it all started actually. We devised our own method of organizing our trunks and stopping things from bouncing around whenever we were driving with a full trunk.

The challenge with this one was creating something that would be extremely handy whenever you have a bunch of items to carry, but that would also be easy to fold and store when not in use. That way it wouldn’t take up any space when there are heavier things to put in the trunk. It wouldn’t bounce around when empty either.

So we made it foldable. Same with the Premium Foldable Organizer, which is sort of an improved and more versatile version of this same idea.

The original Trunk Organizer in action. You can get yours here.

I was also very adamant about it having textured material in the bottom, so it wouldn’t slide around when loaded and defeat the whole purpose. I can’t even tell you how annoyed I used to get whenever my stuff tilted on a sharp turn and I could just hear the mess back there while I kept driving helplessly.

Ah but those days are over. I use my trunk organizers everywhere. Groceries are probably the more common between Laura and me. But I also keep one with the emergency items that should be in every vehicle.

You know, flashlight, tools, motor oil, washer fluid, emergency flares and even a basic first aid kit. I also keep a folded blanket there when it’s winter. You just never know.

Yes! We have a Camo version of the Trunk Organizer too. Available here.

 3. Car Duster

if it isn’t clear by now, I’m a bit OCD when it comes to maintaining orderly and clean environments. It just feels better, and it’s even healthier.

So keeping the car clean just comes hand in hand with organizing it. Which is why both Laura and I always keep at least one of these microfibers in the glove box:

You can get your own Car Duster and Microfiber cloths here.


You never know when you or a passenger might spill something... Plus these are also great for removing dust from the dashboard or even mist from inside the windshield in the mornings. As long as I have a clean microfiber around, I can wipe down the surface in seconds.

The Car Duster is also really helpful. I sometimes leave it in the Trunk Organizer, but Laura also keeps one in a Premium Foldable Organizer in our garage. That way I can clean those previously unreachable areas in my car’s interior.

It really depends on the car wash I’ve visited, but sometimes they won’t even bother with tougher spots like between the front seats and the central console. Unless you buy one of the incredibly thorough (and expensive, and time-consuming) detailing packages.

But I just take a quick once-over with my car duster, and the nooks and crannies are as clean as the rest of the car.

4. Premium Bungee Cord Set

Finally, we were very excited to have our very own bungee cord set and add it to our catalog. Just strap any sort of cargo you need to secure.

It's every bungee cord you ever need in one convenient package:

Get specs on each bungee cord in the pack here

I’ve found that it really pays to just leave a set of these in the trunk organizer. They're more handy then you realize!

Whether you're camping, at home, moving or going on vacation... we made sure our bungee cords were strong and designed to prevent scratching of your items.

An Organized Vehicle Makes People Happy

Since we started Busy Life I’ve found this to be true. Not only does it make my life easier to put these products that we’ve designed to use, but it also makes things merrier when the car is packed with people.

Or, when you have a full vehicle and need the space, just fold everything up and put it in the trunk organizer to provide more room. Your trunk organizer can even fold up and be put out of the way too.

Remember, clutter-free is our philosophy, including in your vehicle!

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